We are the first 2-hand-touch football league
available to Central Jersey.  League organizers have
over 12 years experience in Flag and Touch football
in North and South Jersey.  When we looked for a
place to play in Central Jersey we were amazed there
were no leagues.  So we took our experience and
created the
JFL to fulfill the needs of all you Football
Hungry Athletes who want more than just  weak
pick-up games.
About Us
Why Touch instead of flag?
Touch tends to be a more open, faster paced,
higher flying style than flag.

Flag generally has a more substantial running
game, which require more linemen, who must
know run blocking schemes, which means lots
and lots of practice.  In touch, some teams
choose to have lots of practices and that's
fine but with school, jobs, wives, and kids
sometimes getting out on Sunday mornings is
tough enough, never mind weekday practices

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against
practice, the point is -  in flag you MUST
practice and practice a lot, in order to be
competitive.  In Touch practice helps but I've
seen teams who's idea of practice is getting in
the huddle and drawing their plays in the dirt
and they still kick butt.

You don't need huge lineman like you do in
flag.  Hey, if you can get a few beasts on the
team to protect the QB that's great but with
the "EVERYONE'S ELIGIBLE" rule, smaller
faster linemen work out well too.

It's like backyard ball but cranked way up!!!
What is the JFL?
Commissioner John Best    610-452-2628    jerseyfootball@ptd.net