• 2-Hand-Touch Football
  • 6 on 6   
  • 2 official refs
  • Two 30 minute halves (running clock until 2 minute
    warning; then normal football stoppage)
  • QB must receive snap from a Center, either
    underneath or in Shotgun.  Either snapping in
    between the legs or from the side is OK
  • Everybody is an eligible receiver, even the Center!!!
  • 3 Mississippi rush (called out by ref), 1 blitz every set
    of 4
  • Field 35 x 70 plus 10 yard end-zones
  • Mid-field is sole, stationary, 1st down marker
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Complete Rulebook
Special Summer 5 on 5 Rules
Rules will be consistent with the 6 on 6 rules except where indicated below
Rule Differences:
  • Game play is 5 on 5
  • Game field is 25 wide by 50 yds long plus 8 yd end zones
  • There will be NO kickoffs – ball is spotted at the 10 yd line in lieu of being kicked.  
  • All touchbacks are spotted at the 10
  • There will be NO punts – if, on 4th down, the offense declares they are punting, 4th
    down is not played and the ball is spotted 30 yds from the line of scrimmage in lieu
    of being punted.  If the 30 yd mark brings the ball inside the 10 yd line or into
    endzone, the ball will be spotted at the 10 yd line.
  • Passing ONLY. The QB may move and scramble behind the Line of Scrimmage but
    he may not advance beyond the LOS by running.  Screen passes behind the LOS
    are legal and can be run forward over the LOS as long as the pass is forward.  Hand-
    offs and backward passes are legal but the recipient of the ball must still pass
    forward in order to advance the ball beyond the LOS.  (Obviously once a forward
    pass is caught, the receiver may run to advance the ball)