The rules are consistent with JFL regular season rules except for the
differences listed by the bullet points below.  

Here’s how it works:
•        2 game Round Robin followed by single elimination playoff, seeds based on
Round Robin results
•       Games are shortened to 30 minutes with a running clock – no stoppages except
1 time out per team, the championship will feature normal football stoppages after 2
minute warning – (short games keep it fun without heat exhaustion)
•        No kickoffs – ball set at 15 yard line
•        No overtime in Round Robin
•        Sign in is 8:20AM (teams arriving after 8:30 will NOT be accepted!!)– 1st game
is at 8:45AM
Summer Tourney
Bedminster River Rd - see field direction tab
Sign in 8:20am - 1st game 8:45am

6 on 6    2-Hand-Touch
1 Day Tournament
3 games guaranteed
Register by calling John Best 610-452-2628 or

Team Registration fee - $275  (Refs are included in Reg. Fee)